When a hurricane hits, whether it is mild or not, it can be completely devastating for home and business owners alike. Even though homes that have been built in more recent years tend to have a better chance when it comes to damage, all homeowners need to be prepared. The key is to be prepared, and take preventative measures before the storm arrives at your back door. Here are some of the most common hurricane damages:

Broken Windows: Broken windows are especially susceptible to hurricanes because of the wind, and also the debris that comes along with it. Once the windows have shattered, your home may be much weaker and less resistant to further damages. You should prepare your windows for storms and hurricanes beforehand, because materials will become hard to find if you wait until the last minute.

Roof Lifting: When the wind shear from a hurricane attacks a house, the thing that gets hit the hardest is the roof. If your roof is completely torn to pieces by the wind, chances are that the joists that hold the walls together will go as well; and if this happens, your home may be done for.

Basement Flooding: If your home has a crawlspace or a basement, it is very susceptible to flooding when the soil around the property becomes soaked with water. This will damage any items you have stored there and will make a huge mess of your foundation. You can help against this by making sure that your gutters are clear and working correctly.

Moisture Damage: With heavy rains and rising waters, usually moisture issues are imminent during a hurricane. Mold can develop from this excessive amount of moisture, which can easily seep into wood and insulation. There is a plethora of ways that you can modify your home to keep the water out.

Destroyed Doors: Your doors are just as important as windows when it comes to keeping out the winds and rains that come along with a hurricane. Before the storm hits, make sure that your front door is attached to your property with at least 3 hinges, and that you have a deadbolt attached securely to the frame of your home. Don’t forget about sliding doors either, as they should be covered in plywood in the same manner as your windows.
Lost Shingles & Roofing: When a hurricane hits your home, your roof will be under constant force from the wind, and very few roofing materials can withstand this. You can try to lessen the damage by making sure that your roof is properly secured before the storm hits.

Fire Damage: Many already know that water and electricity don’t mix, and shorts that have been caused by downed wires can cause fires, even in the wettest of environments. High winds can escalate this problem quickly, and you can help avoid these problems by unplugging all electronic devices in your home.

Other issues that may occur in the wake of a hurricane are: damage to boats, damage to in-ground or above-ground pools, damage to your personal items, blown in garage doors, damage from landscaping, damage from projectiles, blown off siding, collapsed end gables, missing roof turbines, ruined appliances, and leaky septic tanks.
If you have suffered storm or hurricane damage, don’t leave the restoration to chance! Call a team of experts in the field of storm damage restoration.

Updated: June 25, 2014 — 6:19 pm

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